How Employers Can Use Technology to Support Employees With Disabilities

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by Ed Carter

For many people who live with disabilities, navigating the job market and finding gainful employment has been historically challenging. People with disabilities often face obstacles in the workplace. They can face discrimination during the hiring process, employers may not provide them with adequate support, and they might be made to feel uncomfortable about speaking up and requesting necessary accommodations.

As an employer, you can look to workplace technology to assist your employees with disabilities and make your business a more inclusive place for all. These tips, brought to you courtesy of Rahul Gladwin, will help employers understand how technology benefits disabled employees, and which forms of assistive technology are essential to the modern workplace.

Hiring and Employment

Sometimes, TLNT explains hiring managers are not always aware of what they need to do to support people with disabilities throughout the hiring process, and this issue can continue during employee orientation and onboarding. When you share job openings through your business website, include information about steps youíve taken to create an accessible work environment. This may help people with disabilities feel more confident in applying, knowing that their potential employer explicitly considers their needs.

If you are working remotely while recruiting new hires and conducting interviews, youíll need to make sure that all of your equipment is up-to-date. A reliable laptop or tablet is a must, and if youíre in need of a replacement, you can find deals on popular models from many retailers if you take advantage of seasonal discounts. And whether youíre working from home or the office, youíll need a high-quality webcam for video interviews. This will make it easier to get in touch with job applicants with disabilities who may prefer virtual over in-person interviews.

Assistive Technology

Today, there are countless examples of assistive technology that make life easier for people with disabilities in the workplace. The right assistive technology makes it possible for employees with disabilities to be fully engaged at work.

Many forms of assistive technology have been specifically developed for communication purposes. The Houston Chronicle states that text telephones (such as those offered by WCI), keyboards, and mouses modeled specifically for accessibility, voice recognition technology, and text-to-speech readers like Orca or Apple Voiceover are essential communication tools for many people with disabilities. Employers would do well to familiarize themselves with this technology and be prepared to invest in devices and software like these for employees that need it.

Remote Learning for Career Advancement

Investing in skills training and further education for your employees helps them reach their full potential. Training Magazine notes that funding education for your employees improves employee retention and overall performance.

For people with disabilities, remote educational programs in their field of choice may be preferable to in-person classes. Providing laptops, webcams, and subscriptions to helpful project management software through the company can help employees with disabilities complete an educational program without the need to spend on technology. This removes cost barriers and makes continuing education truly accessible to all, opening up opportunities to earn college degrees, skills certifications, and more.

Living with a disability should never hold someone back from fulfilling their professional goals and finding a job they love. As an employer, itís your responsibility to ensure that people with disabilities have a place at your company. By using technology in the interest of people with disabilities, you can create a sense of true belonging in the workplace for everyone.

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