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By Rahul Gladwin | March, 2013.

What is

eBoundhost ranks among America's most innovative Chicago-based webhosting providers. eBoundhost provides hosting of all types of businesses and various types of hosting plans including shared hosting, reseller hosting, virtual private servers, and dedicated servers, furthermore, they also offer domain name registrations. It is one of those web hosting companies which you can never outgrow; yet remains a humble hosting company based in a suburb of Chicago. Founded in 2000, eBoundHost is located in a carrier neutral, Tier III+, 2N+1, SAS 70 Type II compliant facility in Buffalo Grove, Illinois.

Personal Experience with

I've hopped among various hosting companies over the years, but have been hosting with eBoundhost since February 2010 - and I'm a very satisfied customer. I've never faced any hosting issues with them except minute-long downtimes which may be negligible.

I had signed up for eBoundHost sometime in February 2010 at 3 am on a Saturday morning. I explained to Denis Z, the eBoundhost support head, that I was a medical student on a tight budget with a high traffic website and couldn't afford a $32/month VPS. Denis not only gave me a hefty discount, provided that I pay for 2 years worth of hosting upfront, but also activated my VPS within minutes - right at 3 am.

Quality Support:

Support tickets are always answered by eBoundhost staff around the clock within minutes. Once, I had messed up the DNS settings of my VPS and opened a support ticket with an urgency of "high" level. Not only did eBoundhost handle my problem very quickly, their hosting staff Jarett E actually called me on my cell-phone and patiently explained to me how he had corrected my DNS settings and that I would have to wait 12 hours for them to propagate! Now how many companies actually call on customer's cell-phones?

High-Speed VPS:

The speed of my VPS is very impressive. According to Pingdom Tools, most pages of are faster than 95% of the tested websites. PHP scripts are executed scorchingly fast, and the Zend PHP Optimizer is installed by default on all VPS accounts. Zend speeds up PHP webpages and applications. According to Google Webmaster tools, the average "Time spent downloading a page (in milliseconds)" is 150 ms. I'm a very satisfied customer and have decided to stay with eBoundHost for a long time to come.

Time Spent Downloading a Page:

(Graph from Google's Webmaster tools.)

Time Spent Downloading a Page in Milliseconds
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