Glandular Structure of the Mammary Gland

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Mammary Gland:

• Mammary gland (breast) is an organ of lactation in females.

• A modified sweat gland derived from ectoderm.

• Extends from 2nd or 3rd rib to 6th or 7th costal cartilage and from sternum to beyond axillary fold.

Surface Structure:


+ Pigmented projection at point of greatest prominence.

• Holds 15-20 lactiferous duct openings.

• In the undeveloped breast is located at approximately the 4th intercostal space.


Pigmented area surrounding nipple and containing areolar and sebaceous glands.

Areolar glands:

Rudimentary milk glands.

Parts of Mammary Gland:

Secretory Unit:

A lobe or lobule containing secretory cells.

Lactiferous Duct:

Tubular connection between secretory cell and opening on nipple.

Lactiferous Sinus:

Distal dilation of each duct prior to opening on nipple.

Connective Tissue:

Structural Matrix for the Gland:

• Fibrous septae bind lobes together and tether breast to overlying skin.

• Derived from tela subcutanea in which breast develops.

• Suspensory ligaments of Cooper are well-developed fibrous septae of upper part of breast.

• Inelastic and thus subject to dimpling and distortion when pathological.


Insulatory and protective padding around gland and connective tissue.

Position on the body wall:

• Glandular elements lie within superficial fascia.

• Separated from deep investing fascia of pectoralis major by loose connective tissue.

• Potential space is the retromammary space; enables mobility of breast.

• Shared lymphatic drainage often implicates muscle in spread of cancer.

• Axillary tail of breast pierces deep fascia of pectoralis major to approximate axillary vessels.

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