Muscles of the Axilla

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Pectoral Muscles:

• Pectoralis Major.

• Pectoralis Minor.


• Clavicular head; anterior surface of the medial half of clavicle.

• Sternocostal head; anterior surface of the sternum, superior six costal cartilages.

• 3rd to 5th ribs near their costal cartilages.


• Lateral lip of the intertubercular groove of humerus.

• Medial border of the superior surface of coracoid process of scapula.


• The lateral and medial pectoral nerves.

• Clavicular head (C5 and C6).

• Sternocostal head (C7, C8, T1).

• Medial pectoral nerve (C8 and T1).


• Adducts and medially rotates the humerus.

• Draws the scapula anteriorly and inferiorly.

• When acting alone, the clavicular head flexes the humerus while the sternocostal head extends it.

• Stabilizes the scapula by drawing it inferiorly and anteriorly against the thoracic wall.

Subclavius and Serratus Anterior:


• Junction of the 1st rib and its costal cartilage.

• External surfaces of the lateral parts of 1st to 8th ribs.


• Inferior surface of the middle third of clavicle.

• Anterior surface of the medial border of scapula.


• Nerve to the subclavius (C5 and C6).

• Long thoracic nerve (C5, C6 and C7).


• Anchors and depresses the clavicle.

• Protracts the scapula and holds it against the thoracic wall.

• Rotates the scapula.

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