Notes on Neurovascular Bundle

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Ventral rami:

Ventral rami of thoracic spinal nerves track along underside of each rib, in the costal groove, between internal and innermost muscle layers.

Intercostal Arteries:

Intercostal arteries are a fusion of anterior and posterior intercostal vessels.

Posterior Intercostal Arteries:

Posterior intercostal arteries come directly from thoracic aorta.

Anterior Intercostal Arteries:

Anterior intercostal arteries commence at the sternum as branches of internal thoracic artery, itself ultimately a branch of the aorta.

Internal Thoracic Artery:

Internal thoracic artery splits at the costal margin into a branch that continues to track the ribcage margin inferiorly (musculophrenic artery) and a branch that follows more directly onto the abdominal wall (superficial epigastric artery).

Finally, the internal surface of the thoracic wall is lined by a specialization of the deep fascia called endothoracic fascia.

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