Notes on Single-Gene Disorders

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Variable Expression:

• Variability in degree of phenotypic expression.

• Influenced by environment, allelic heterogeneity, heteroplasmy, and modifier loci.

Incomplete Penetrance:

• Individuals have disease genotype, but don't display genotype.

• There is no expression at all, unlike in variable expression.


• Single mutation affects multiple organs.

Locus Heterogeneity:

• Same disease phenotype but mutations in different loci.


• Individuals in recent generations develop increased severity and earlier onset of symptoms compared to individuals of earlier generations.

• Eg., diseases associated with abnormal triplet repeat expansions.


• One allele is activated and the other is rendered inactive.

• Sometimes, the supposedly active allele is deleted or mutated, while the other allele is still normally inactivated.

Prader-Willi Syndrome:

• Deleted or mutated locus is at 15q11-13 (paternal).

Angelman Syndrome:

• Deleted or mutated locus is at 15q11-13 (maternal).

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