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Advantages of Broker Recruitment:

1. Increased access to labour:

Brokers are travelers, hence, have more exposure to labour in different parts of the country. Hiring of workers from other cities is very helpful because industries don't have the time and resources to post their job openings in far away cities. This is when brokers come into play. These agents hire labour from other cities by persuasion and promises of a large salary.

2. Provide assessment of labour:

Brokers are very knowledgeable of their staff and can readily provide industries with employees with the exact qualifications. Furthermore, they can provide information to industries on current employees, and whether these employees are fit for the work assigned to them. They can even tip on the workers' demands and pre-strike notices.

3. Makes industrial recruitment easier:

Industries are tied down to a single location, and their job advertisements don't reach a lot of people. For this reason, brokers are encouraged to travel all over India and bring cheap labour directly to the industry. This gives more exposure to industries and the best applicants are hired.

Disadvantages of Broker Recruitment:

1. Exploitation of labour:

Most of the Indian labour is poor and illiterate. These people are promised a large salary and better living conditions in the city. In real life however, these promises are often broken. Since the workers are illiterate, they have no access to lawyers who would fight their case. Furthermore, brokers often keep part of the workers' salaries as commission, and charge other hidden fees.

2. Recruitment of unqualified workers:

Many times, brokers receive bribes from workers to hire them without the right work experience. Thus, workers without the right type of work experience are hired within the industry. This affects the quality of work, and in the end negatively affects the industry.

3. Industrial conflicts increase:

Brokers keep employees and management from communicating with each other. This lack of communication creates mistrust and misunderstandings. Furthermore, brokers entice these groups against each other, causing an increase in industrial conflicts.

4. Lack of permanent workers:

Most of workers hired by brokers are from backward and rural areas. These people find it difficult to adjust to city life, and may quit their jobs and head back to their villages. Thus, many jobs are left undone and incomplete. This unstable employee behaviour negatively affects the industry.

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