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Definition of 'Labor':

Labor welfare is essentially two words, "labor" and "welfare." For conversion of materials into finished goods, human effort is needed and such human effort is called labor. Labor is basically the labor force employed in an industry. It is the general category of the human effort that is used for the production of goods and services. This may include employees employed in all types of offices and ranks. These employees may be working at a regular income and may have variable amounts of responsibility levied upon them.

Definition of 'Welfare':

The term "welfare" is defined as the economic well being of an individual, group, or economy. For individuals, it is conceptualized by a utility function. For groups, including countries and the world, it is a tricky philosophical concept, since individuals fare differently. In an industrial sense, welfare is defined as physical and mental well being of an employee.

Role of Labour Welfare:

Therefore, labor welfare is welfare applied to industrial labor. labor welfare is fundamentally deserved by every employee in the industry - it is the right of every employee to live and think freely, and have their biological and psychological demands fulfilled. labor welfare is a humanitarian effort that works to counterbalance the busy urban lifestyle, thus eliminating any undesirable consequences.

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