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Explain the Employee's State Insurance Act of 1948:

This act was established to provide insured employees with medical and dental care at a reduced or no cost. Employees injured or maimed while working may claim benefits from this Act. A number of hospital beds and medical officers work under the Employees State Insurance Corporation. Furthermore, this corporation provides prosthetic limbs and dentures at reduced price or no charge to insured employees injured in the line of duty. The Act applies to the following types of companies:

1. Power consuming factories with 10-19 employees.

2. Non-power factories with 20 or more employees.

3. Any factory with 20 or more employees except seasonal factories such as sugar mills.

4. Nationalized factories and businesses.

5. Persons insured under the ESI Act is not eligible for benefits under the Workmen's Compensation Act and related State Acts.

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