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Welfare Measures at the Tata Iron and Steel Company:

The Tata Iron and Steel Company has undertaken various for the betterment of its employees. It has modified the rural Jamshedpur into an advanced urban development. Various developments have taken place in the areas of housing, health, education, recreation and transportation.


About 68% of TISCO employees are provided with affordable housing at a cost of 10% of their income or a standardized rent - whichever is lower. The company has built 16, 698 quarters for employees and encourages employees to construct their own homes. Plots are available to employees for rent, and the management assists the cooperative housing society.


TISCO runs many medical hospitals within Jamshedpur. Health services are provided free-of-charge to company employees and their families. Many of the hospitals are well equipped with the latest medical equipment and treatment options. Therefore, the ESI scheme is not applicable to steel plants. Facilities are available in the following areas:

• Domicilary treatment.

• Public health and industrial services.

• Facilities for special treatment.

• Family planning clinics and advice.

• Maternity and children ward.


TISCO has upheld the importance of education within the community. Various educational programs have been developed for people of all ages and backgrounds. All children attend school, and many night schools, technical schools, and adult literary classes have been established for working adults. Furthermore, scholarships are offered to children of employees. These scholarships cover tuition costs, stationary, books, meals, transport, etc. for qualified students.


Facilities for recreation have been provided for employees. These include health clubs and community centers, running tracks, gyms, etc. Various community entertainment centers have been built in the city. These centers are equipped with stages, halls, libraries, etc. These community centers organize various stage shows, sports, games, social gatherings, picnics, and various courses ranging from shorthand to dance lessons. Furthermore, courses especially aimed at the backward classes have been developed by the community outreach programs.

What else can the company do?

Although TISCO has done a commendable job providing first-class services to the people of Jamshedpur, I fell the company should to continue its great endeavors. While the company has established itself in the region, maintaining and adhering to its moral and ethical principles would be a challenging task in itself.

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