Types and Various Stages of Market Studies

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There are two main types of market studies:

1. National Market Studies:

These studies focus on changes that take place in markets over a period of time. Information on category, brand-use patterns and consumer demographic and phychographic data is collected and analysed. After analysis, the information is used to define the target consumers, the market opportunities, and provide directional development of marketing strategy.

2. Strategic Market Studies:

These studies focus on the analysis of a specific product-market. There are three types of strategic market studies:

a. Positioning studies find interrelationships between consumer perceptions and preference for these brands.

b. Segmentation studies identify consumer characteristics that will respond to a particular marketing configuration.

c. Structure studies study competitive relationships inside a market.

Research design stages for a prototypical market segmentation:

1. Determination and selection of segmentation basis.

2. Selecting segment descriptors, and linking the descriptors with basis of segmentation.

3. Data collection.

4. Sample design - stratified and quota sample.

5. Forming segments based on categorizing respondents.

6. Establishing segmental profiles.

7. Matching segments' size and profile into marketing strategies.

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