Stress and State of Exhaustion

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Effect of Stress on Body:

Stress is our body's response to extreme mental stimuli. Stress is caused when we overload our minds with hard work; more than our bodies can handle. Various definitions of stress exist. When work involving high concentration is levied upon our minds, our bodies respond with the fight or flight response with the release of hormones from the pituitary gland. In today's world, however, we can neither fight nor take flight. These responses are useless in a corporate environment so whenever we face the fight or flight response, the excess adrenaline is metabolized resulting in psychosomatic diseases.

What is Exhaustion?

The state of exhaustion is achieved when our bodies can no longer handle the mental stress, resulting in our collapse. The state of exhaustion occurs when our bodies give up during the state of resistance, and all the energy is metabolized.

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