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What is Quality Control?

Quality control is a method of monitoring the quality of products and services offered by a company. The quality of a product is an attribute of the product, and may be a measure of the degree of excellence. Quality is relative to the entity that measures it. Needless to say, quality may be a degree or grade of excellence or worth offered to the market or to a consumer; it is a characteristic property that defines the apparent individual nature of something.

Total Quality Control:

Total quality control is a process that strives to build high quality products before rejecting defective products. Total quality control involves the following:

a. Senior management.

b. Training in quality control.

c. High-grade goods and services.

d. High-grade raw materials.

e. Quality control in production.

f. Quality control in distribution, installation, and usage.

The fourteen (14) points of Quality Control by Deming:

Deming stated that high-quality products result in lower costs.

1. A continuity and consistency or purpose must be created.

2. Defective workmanship, material, and other errors must be avoided at all costs.

3. Mass inspection must be avoided.

4. The number of suppliers must be kept at a minimum, and statistical evidence over price should be used before buying.

5. Always monitor the manufacturing and management system for problems, and if any are found, fix them immediately.

6. Proper methods of training should be implemented - including the usage of statistics.

7. Ensure that the staff is properly trained and a sense of professionalism must be maintained.

8. There must be a two-way communication between the management and labor, and miscommunication must be avoided at all costs.

9. A team-spirit must be upheld between all departments of the company.

10. Minimize the use of computed goals, slogans, and posters for employees.

11. Eliminate numerical production quotas, and use statistical analysis to improve quality.

12. Ensure workers are recognized for their outstanding workmanship.

13. Invest in proper education and training of all company employees.

14. Ensure that the management is committed to high quality.

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