Causes of High Labor Turnover in India

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Causes of High Labour turnover in India:

Labout turnover is the rate at which old labour is replaced with new labour. Overall, a low labour turnover is desirable in the industry. There are various reasons for labour turnover:

a. Avoidable factors include: resignation, dismissal, layoffs.

b. Unavoidable factors include: death, retirement, and frictional unemployment.

c. Turnover due to work reduction is caused due to: industrial depression, seasonal fluctuations, completion of temporary jobs, and discontinuous business.

d. Turnover due to job factors: insufficient wages, unsatisfactory working conditions, etc.

e. Sometimes, better wages and opportunities are offered at other companies.

f. Badli System: this system forces workers to rotate.

Another major cause of turnover is labour migration.

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