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• Begin and complete their development in bone barrow.

• Covered by IgM and IgD.

• Each of these antibodies has light chains and heavy chains (joined by hinge region).

• Furthermore, each of these antibodies also contains variable and constant regions.

• These antibodies have a hinge region, connected by disulfide bonds.

• Bind any free floating antigen.


• Begin their development in bone marrow, and complete it in thymus.

• Covered by TCR.

• Two glycoproteins; alpha and beta.

• On the Carboxy terminus of alpha/beta chains contains a membrane for anchoring small antigenic peptides presented by APCs.

• Only bind antigens processed by APCs.

Receptor Diversity:

• B-cell variable heavy region: V, D, L; Tdt randomly inserts bases at their junctions.

• B-cell variable light region: V, J; Tdt not active here.

• T-cell variable heavy (?) region: V, D, L; beta chain; Tdt randomly inserts bases at their junctions.

• T-cell variable light (?) region: V, J; alpha chain; Tdt randomly inserts bases at their junctions.

Tdt Cell Marker:

• T/B cell ALL marker.

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