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Random USMLE Facts volume 10-2:

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Bundle Branch Block

bundle branch block

What is going on in the above diagram, and what may be the cause?

Prolonged QRS complex i.e., bundle branch block; causes may include coronary artery disease, ischemia, and damaged cardiac conduction system.

How is octreotide related to portal hypertension?

Portal hypertension may be caused by chronic liver disease and may lead to bleeding complications; octreotide is an analog of somatostatin and may decrease blood flow to the portal system, thus decreasing variceal bleeding.

Lung mass and electrolyte abnormalities imply?

SIADH; small cell carcinoma of the lung.

In hyperglycemia, what is the cause of dehydrating?

Osmotic diuresis.

In patients with beta thalassemia major, what may be a complication of repeated blood transfusions?

Increased serum iron, and this iron is deposited within the heart leading to heart failure in the long run.

What are the findings in esophageal adenocarcinoma?

Dysphagia for solids and liquids; large fungating mass near the gastroesophageal junction. One predisposing condition that causes esophageal adenocarcinoma is reflux esophagitis, which, in turn, is caused due to Barrett esophagus.

What is a lateral sulcus sign?

Depressed shoulder due to dislocated shoulder joint.

Where do neurofibromas most likely to occur in NF1?

Peripheral nerve. Individuals with NF1 are also at risk of developing meningiomas and pheochromocytoma.

Which vitamin becomes deficient in prolonged antibiotic therapy?

Vitamin K (due to depleting populations of gut bacteria); vitamin K is a coagulation factor and its deficiency may cause abnormal bleeding.

Aldosterone = "salt saving."

ADH = "water saving."

What substance may be involved in the cause of severe hyponatremia due to hypotension?


When oral thrush occurs in an AIDS patient, the relative CD4 cell count is?

200-399 cells/mm3.

Can metoprolol cause dyslipidemia (high blood cholesterol and triglycerides)?

Yes; thiazides can also cause dyslipidemia.

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