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Random USMLE Facts volume 4-10:

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What infections can Pseudomonas aeruginosa cause?

See: Notes on Pseudomonas

Can phenylketonurics consume artificial sweeteners?

No, they are given strictly forbidden from consuming artificial sweeteners especially if pregnant, because artificial sweeteners contain aspartame, and this can cross the placenta and produce teratogenic effects.

Infection with what larvae can cause seizures?

T. solium (swine exposure).

How can shingles occur after MMR vaccination?

After an initial chicken pox infection, VZV virus lies dormant in the sensory ganglia cells. During a weakened immune system, as occurs after vaccination, VZV may reactivate and cause shingles.

Inhibition of what two substances can surely stop gluconeogenesis?

Fructose-1,6-bisphsopate and pyruvate carboxylase.

What is a "blueberry-muffin baby?"

Blueberry-muffin baby is a neonatal condition caused due to mom's exposure to CMV in the first 16 weeks of gestation. Findings include deafness and multiple hemorrhagic cutaneous lesions.

What is Arnold-Chiari malformation I?

Congenital herniations of hindbrain structures into the spinal canal. Cerebellar tonsils herniated into the foramen magnum. More common than type II and mostly asymptomatic. Findings include hydrocephalus.

What is Arnold-Chiari malformation II?

Parts of the hindbrain, cerebellar vermis, and fourth ventricle herniated into the foramen magnum. Associated with meningomyeloceles.

How is melatonin related to sleep?

An inadequate supply of melatonin causes insomnia.

Is vincristine very toxic to children?

Vincristine is not as toxic to children as it is to adults.

How is sleep pattern changed in depression?

There are changes in sleep patterns. There is increased REM time and decreased stage 4 (deep) sleep. Plus, there may be early-morning awakening.

What is the connection between growth hormone and thyroid hormone?

Thyroid hormone is required for normal synthesis and secretion of growth hormone.

What is the treatment for community-acquired S. pneumoniae?

The treatment was penicillin G, but due to development of high resistance, azithromycin may also used.

What is Klumpke's paralysis?

See: Notes on Shoulder
Findings include: weak intrinsic muscles; thumb and little finger cannot be opposed, and numbness in the hand. Symptoms resolve in a few months.

What happens to arteriolar wall-to-lumen and capillary wall-to-lumen ratio in hypertensive individuals?


What is arteriolar density?

Arteriolar density is the number of connective arterioles within the tissue. Arteriolar density decreases in hypertensive individuals, and this happens due to long term over-perfusion of tissue. Therefore, arteriolar rarefaction in hypertensive individuals is an example of long-term autoregulation.

NOTE: lack of GIP and motilin does not cause atrophy of GI mucosa.

What blood neoplasm are Hashimoto thyroiditis patients at risk of developing?

Non-Hodgkin B-cell lymphoma.

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