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Random USMLE Facts volume 4-6:

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What may be a cause of fracture of hook of hamate?

Forcefully hitting the golf club on the ground, or falling on the floor with an outstretched hand. Flexion of the little finger causes pain. The hamate bone is very vulnerable to trauma of the palm. CT scan of the carpal tunnel can confirm the diagnosis.

What happens in lunate dislocation?

Displacement of the lunate WRT the rest of the carpals. It can occur in severe trauma of the hand and causes median nerve compression causing pain and numbness on the palmer aspect of the hand.

What happens in reflex sympathetic dystrophy?

Shoulder pain; may involve the hand.

What happens in scapholunate ligament rupture?

Mid-wrist pain.

What hand muscle is innervated by the median nerve?

Opponens pollicis.

Hand nerve supply

hand nerve supply

What happens when there is a lesion involving the dorsal column system and anterolateral system?

Decreased sensation on the contralateral side of the body, ie., numbness in the left face, arm, and leg. Note that both the dorsal column system and anterolateral system travel through the thymus and a lesion in the thymus can disrupt information from both these systems.

Is infertility associated with cystic fibrosis?


What is the cause of association between Down syndrome and Alzheimer's disease?

Amyloid precursor protein, which is present on chromosome 21.

In sickle cell patients, what are gallstones composed of?

Calcium bilirubinate - sickle cells are broken down faster and there is greater accumulation of bilirubin in blood.

What happens when mineralocorticoid receptors are blocked?

Na is less resorbed; K+ and H+ are less secreted in urine.

What is proinsulin?

Proinsulin levels are increased in beta-cell tumor of the pancreas, and this is a major cause of fasting hypoglycemia. Surgery is the best treatment. Diazoxide is prescribed to main eu-glycemic stage pre- and post-operatively. Diazoxide is a K+ channel opener and thus, an inhibitor of insulin secretion.

What is the embryological origin of the stomach?

Then stomach and first and second parts of the duodenum are derived from the foregut and supplied by the celiac artery.

Gastritis associations:

• Acute gastritis: alcohol, aspirin, smoking, shock, steroid use, uremia.
• Chronic antral gastritis: H. pylori.
• Chronic fundal gastritis: pernicious anemia.
• Hypertrophic gastritis: enlarged mucosal disease.
• Lymphocytic gastritis: celiac sprue.

USMLE Facts 1 USMLE Facts 2 USMLE Facts 3 USMLE Facts 4 USMLE Facts 5
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