Notes on Regional Transport

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Proximal Tubule:

• 2/3rd of filtered sodium reabsorbed.

• 2/3rd of filtered water, potassium ion, chloride ion reabsorbed.

• All carbohydrates, proteins, peptides, amino acids, and ketones are reabsorbed.

• 80-90% of filtered bicarbonate is reabsorbed.

• All the above processes are powered by the Na-K pump.

Loop of Henle:

• 1/3 of volume going through Bowman's capsule enters the loop of Henle.

Descending limb: permeable to water.

Ascending limb: impermeable to water; Na / Cl / K pumped out.

Collecting duct: ADH tells collecting duct to reabsorb water.

Distal Tubule and Collecting Duct Electrolytes:

• Na/K reabsorption stimulated by aldosterone.

ADH: controls H2O and urea reabsorption.

Aldosterone: controls NaCl and K+ secretion.

• Acidification of urine takes place here.

• Fixed acids and H+ excreted.

• Monohydrogen phosphate freely filtered.

• Ammonia manufactured.

• H+ excreted and bicarbonate reabsorption.

Potassium Dynamics:

• In an acid-base disturbance, there is H+ and K+ exchange between intra- and extracellular spaces.

Acidosis: H+ enters cells; K+ leaves the cells.

Alkalosis: H+ exits the cells; K+ enters the cells.

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