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Thyroid Hormone Needed:

• Thyroid hormones needed for growth and maturation.

• Daily intake is in form of iodide ion.

Thyroid Hormone Secretion:

• Contains follicle cells that create and release thyroid hormone: T3 and T4.

Synthesis of Thyroid Hormones:

Iodide transport:

• Active pump on follicle brings in iodine; blocked by perchlorate and thiocyanate.

Thyroglobulin Synthesis:

• A large protein made on ribosomes, glycosylated in ER, vesicle-packaged in Golgi apparatus.

• Peroxidase catalyzes oxidation (I- to I0).


• Less than 20% of tyrosine residues on thyroglobulin are iodinated; DIT, MIT produced.


• Peroxidase couples iodinated tyrosine in thyroglobulin molecule; DIT+DIT=T4; MIT+DIT=T3; abundant iodine = T4 production; scarce iodine = T3 production.

• Hormone is then stored in follicular colloid to last 2-3 months.

Secretion of Thyroid Hormone:


• Follicular colloid taken back into follicle by endocytosis.


• Endocytosed material fuses with lysosomes.

• Proteolysis of thyroglobulin into T3, T4, MIT, DIT, and more.


• T3/T4 secreted into blood. More T4.


• Iodine removed from DIT and MIT, but not from T3 and T4; iodine recycled back.

Transport of iodine into blood:

• T4 half-life greater than T3 half-life.

• Protein-bound thyroid hormones act as reserves.

T3 more active form; T4 more in circulation.

Actions of Thyroid Hormones:

• Increase BMR.

• Growth and maturation: brain and GH.

• Increased lipid metabolism.

• Increased CHO metabolism: increased glucose absorption from SI.

• Increased number and affinity of beta-adrenergic cardiac receptors.

Control of Thyroid Hormone Secretion:

• Decreased T4 causes TRH to stimulate TSH secretion.

• TSH targets the thyroid gland; increases T4 secretion.

• T4 creates negative feedback; T3 has no effect on TRH.

TSH Effects on Thyroid:

• TSH increases rate of thyroid hormone production, including degradation.

• Causes increased blood flow to and increased hypertrophy of thyroid gland.

• Excessive TSH = goiter.


• Decreased BMR and O2 consumption, decreased mental capacity, increased plasma cholesterol, edema, hoarse voice, jaundice, constipation, anemia.


• Increased BMR and O2 consumption, excitability, irritability, restlessness, increased HR, Grave's disease.

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