Notes on Gas Transport and Regulation of Respiration

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CO2 Diffusion:

CO2 is more soluble than O2, and it diffuses more quickly.

Oxyhemoglobin attachments:

Site 4: least affinity; requires greatest PO2.

Site 3: slightly greater affinity; requires a slightly larger PO2.

Site 2: more affinity; requires a small PO2.

Site 1: very high affinity; requires lowest PO2; is always attached under normal conditions.

Oxygen-Hb Dissociation Curves:

Oxygen-Hb Dissociation Curves

Oxygen-Hb Dissociation Curves:

Right shifting:


• CO2, temperature, 2,3-DPG; and decreased pH. (CO2 is acidic)

• There is a general decreased affinity of Hb to carry O2; tissues suck out O2 easily. Eg., exercise (?)

Left shifting:


• CO2, temperature, 2,3-DPG; and increased pH.

• There is a general increased affinity of Hb to carry O2; tissues find it hard to suck out O2. Eg., CO-poisoning.

Role of CO2:

CO2 is more soluble in blood compared to O2.

CO2 in blood is transported as bicarbonate (90%) and bound to Hb (5%). Bicarbonate is formed in the RBC with the help of carbonic anhydrase, but carried in plasma.

CO2 is converted into bicarbonate in systemic capillaries.


• Decreased Hb.


• Increased Hb.

Central chemoreceptors:

• Located in CNS; close to medulla; monitor CSF H+ and CO2.

Peripheral chemoreceptors:

• Located in carotid bodies (near CN IX) and aortic bodies (near CN X); monitor H+ / CO2 and PO2.

• PO2 = O2 not bound to Hb.

Special conditions:

• Chronic hypoventilation: only peripheral chemoreceptors work.

• Anemia/CO poisoning: PO2 is normal; no ventilatory response.

Medullary center:

• Rhythm of respiration.

Apneustic breathing:

• Prolonged inspirations and short expirations; developed when connection between pneumotaxic center and apneustic center is severed.

High altitude:

• Increased erythropoietin; adaptive polycythemia.

Hyperbaric environment:

• Can lead to O2 toxicity and N2 narcosis.

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