Notes on Positive-sense RNA viruses

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• Naked; icosahedral.

• Norwalk: viral gastroenteritis in school-age kids; also in adults.

• Hepatitis E.


• Naked.

• Polio: sabin/live and salk/killed vaccines; poliomyelitis paralysis results from damaged anterior horn motor neurons.

• Echoviruses: aseptic meningitis.

• Enteroviruses: doesn't cause diarrhea.

• Rhinovirus: common cold.

• Coxsackie A: hand-foot-mouth disease; herpangina, aseptic meningitis, acute lymphoglandular pharyngitis, common cold.

• Coxsackie B: Bornholm's disease; illness in newborns, insulin-dependent diabetes in children, myocarditis.

• Hepatitis A.


• Enveloped.

• Yellow fever virus: mosquito-borne; liver, kidney, heart, GI damage.

• Dengue virus: hemorrhagic shock syndrome.

• St. Louis encephalitis virus: elderly - especially the ones with hypertension.

• Hepatitis C.


• Enveloped.

• Rubella: crosses placenta; vaccine part of MMR.

• Venezuelan encephalitis, WEE, EEE: mosquito-borne; birds are reservoirs.


• Enveloped.

• Coronaviruses; second-most cause of common cold.


• Enveloped.

• HIV (Lentivirus group), HTLV (Oncovirus group), and sarcoma.

NOTE: All single-stranded except reovirus.

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