Rahul's Piano Haven: Videos and MP3s


This is a collection of piano videos and mp3s played by me. I have also compiled a list of useful resources for those who wish to learn how to play the piano.

I presently own two keyboards: the Roland FP-9 digital piano and the CASIO HT-3000. Below is a compilation of music videos and MP3s that I played & recorded on my Roland FP-9 digital piano. This is only a partial list of music I can play; my classical pieces haven't been recorded yet.

Photo of Roland FP-9 Digital Piano

Above: My Roland FP-9 Digital Piano.

Hardware used:

• Roland FP-9 Digital Piano.
• Turtle Beach USB MIDI 1x1 Cable (MP3s were originally created as MIDI).
• Gateway CX2618 Tablet w/ Intel Pentium processor 1.73 GHz, 2 GB RAM.
• Cable w/ 2 Mono Jacks to one stereo mini-jack.

Software used:

Audacity: Open Source Audio Editor and Recorder (128kbps, 44100 kHz for each MP3).

Rahul's Piano Videos

1. Video of me playing Ludwig van Beethoven - "Moonlight Sonata" (1st Movement)
2. Video of me playing Titanic Piano Theme: The Portrait
3. Video of me playing Hagood Hardy's "Children of the Dream"
4. Video of me playing Unknown Easy Blues Piano
5. Video of me playing Yanni's "Nightingale"
6. Video of me playing Hagood Hardy's "The Homecoming"

Rahul's Piano MP3s & Recommended Music Resources

1. Rahul's Piano Music MP3 Collection
2. Rahul's Recommended Piano Resources

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