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1. General somatic efferent: Motory to intrinsic tongue muscles except palatoglossus. (This is supplied by the vagus).


Sited between dorsal nucleus of the vagus and median plane of the 4th ventricle - i.e. hypoglossal triangle in the floor of the 4th ventricle.


By two bundles from the groove between the olive and pyramid (10 - 15 rootlets), pass through the hypoglossal canal.


1. Communicating from:

a. Inferior ganglion of the vagus.

b. Superior cervical ganglion of the sympathetic.

c. From 1st and 2nd cervical nerves (loop).

2. Meningeal (C1 fibres) - diploë of the occipital bone, and posterior cranial fossa dura.

3. Thyro-hyoid and genio-hyoid: C1 hitch-hiking fibres.

4. Motory (muscular): Styloglossus, hyoglossus, genioglossus and intrinsic muscles of the tongue. Genio hyoid via C1.

5. Superior root (C1 fibres) of ansa cervicalis (descendens hypoglossi): Descending down over carotid sheath, forms the ansa cervicalis with a branch from C2 + 3 (inferior root of ansa or descending cervical nerve). From the loop the following muscular branches are given off to:

a. Sterno-hyoid.

b. Sterno-thyroid.

c. Omo-hyoid (both bellies).


The loop or ansa cervicalis is formed by two contributing roots.

a. Superior root of ansa cervicalis (descendens hypoglossi): C1 fibres.

b. Inferior root of ansa cervicalis (descendens cervicalis): C2 + C3 fibres.

Lesion of Hypoglossal Nerve:

Lesion of left or right hypoglossal nerve causes ipsilateral deviation of the tongue to the affected side - "licking your wounds."

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