Anatomy of the Female Reproductive System

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Diagram of Follicular Development:

Follicular Development

Corpus luteum:

• Secretes estrogen and progesterone.

• Ovum not fertilized: corpus luteum degenerates.

• Ovum fertilized: corpus luteum persists until 12th week and then degenerates; placenta takes over production of progesterone.

Regions of Fallopian Tube:

• Infundibulum.

• Ampulla: fertilization takes place here.

• Isthmus.

Folliular development: First to last stage.

• Primordial follicle.

• Primary follicle (pre- pubertal; arrested in prophase of meiosis I).

• Secondary oocyte within mature (graafian) follicle; secretes estrogen.

• Secondary oocyte (post- pubertal; arrested in metaphase of meiosis II) released from ruptured follicle.

• Early corpus luteum.

• Mature corpus luteum.

• Corpus albicans.

Ampulla of Fallopian tube:

• Fertilization.

• Frequent ectopic pregnancy.

Menstrual cycle:

Menstrual stage: 1-3 days

• 3-5 days; menstrual flow.

Proliferative (estrogenic) stage: 4-14 days

• Continues through 13-14th day; endometrial regrowth.

• Depends on estrogen.

• Succeeds menstrual flow and precedes ovulation.

Secretory phase: 15-27 days

• Endometrial hypertrophy; increased vascularity and edema.

• Depends on progesterone.

Premensrual (ischemic) phase: 28th day

• Anoxia and ischemia.

No fertilization:

• Corpus luteum degenerates; progesterone and estrogen levels drop.


• See Notes on Embryology.

Placental barrier:

• Blood-blood barrier formed by cytotrophoblast, syncytiotrophoblast, basement membrane, and fetal capillary circulation.

Vaginal changes due to estrogen levels.

• Estrogenic phase: lower pH by bacterial lactic acid.

• Postestrogenic phase: increased pH increases risk for infection; blastocyst implantation during pregnancy.

Additional Notes:

• Esophagus possesses submucosal glands, while vagina does not; that's the only difference between the esophagus and vagina.

• Gravid uterus: uterus of pregnancy.

• Stratum functionalis, which grows over stratum basalis of uterus, degenerates after menstrual cycle if ovum is not fertilized.

• Suspensory ligament: carries ovarian artery, vein, and nerves to and from the ovary.

• Ovary primarily supported by mesovarium.

• Stratum basalis of uterus is supplied by straight arteries.

• Round ligament found within broad ligament.

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