Ascending Spinal Tracts

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Ascending Spinal Tracts:

1. Gracile fasciculus:

Terminate in the gracile nucleus (dorsal column).

2. Cuneate fasciculus:

Terminate in the cuneate nucleus (dorsal column). The two fasciculi are also termed the posterior column - medial lemniscal pathway. Both the fasciculus gracilis and cuneatus relay in the gracile and cuneate nuclei in the medulla oblongata respectively. The function of the posterior columns are directed at conscious proprioception and discriminative touch. Three orders of afferents carry the information from the sensory receptors to the somatic sensory cortex.

a. First order afferents: Information from the lower limb, hand and trunk are relayed from the sensory receptors (Meissner, Pacinian, Ruffini, Merkel Cell, Golgi tendon organs) is the two fasciculi. Fibres from the lower leg and trunk pass in the gracile fasciculi and upper limb in the cuneate fasciculus, respectively.

b. Second order neurons pass from the two nuclei (in medulla oblongata) cross over to the opposite side, enter the medial lemniscus, transverse the tegmentum (pons and midbrain), relay in the ventral posterolateral nucleus of the thalamus.

c. Third order neurons pass from the thalamus to the somatic sensory cortex of the cerebrum.

3. Anterior and posterior spinocerebellar tracts:

Cuneo-cerebellar and rostral spinocerebellar. Functions include relay of unconscious proprioception fibres.

4. Anterior and lateral spinothalamic tracts:

The latter is called the spinal lemniscus as it traversus the brainstem. The tracts carry fibres for temperature, touch and pain sensation.

5. Spinoreticular, spinotectal, spino-olivary tracts.

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