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What is a Non-Stress Test?

• Detects presence or absence of accelerations in fetal heart rate.

• Accelerations are abrupt increases in fetal heart rate above the baseline lasting < 2 minutes.

• Accelerations in fetal heart rate are unrelated to uterine contractions but occur in response to fetal movements.

• Accelerations are always reassuring.

Before 30 Weeks:

• The increase should be ≥ 10 beats/min lasting ≥ 10 seconds.

After 30 Weeks:

• The increase should be ≥ 15 beats/min lasting ≥ 15 seconds.

Reactive Non-Stress Test:

• Two accelerations within 20-minutes.

• Reassuring.

• Repeat in two weeks.

Non-reactive Non-stress Test:

• Less than two accelerations within 20 minutes.

• 80% are false positives.

• Due to fetal sleep, prematurity, medications, or CNS anomalies.

• Use vibroacoustic stimulation and retest.

• If still negative, perform biophysical profile or contraction stress test.

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