Types of Union Meetings

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General Body Meeting:

This meeting consists of all members of the union. The general body is the most important of a union because it creates unions laws and policies, elects the secretary and the executive committee, and oversees all the union activities. Meetings are held twice a year.

Branch Meeting:

This meeting only involves members of the branch, and union activities and discussions are related to branch activities such as branch elections, officers, etc.

Executive Committee:

This meeting involves only the executive committee of a union and meets once a month. Usual topics of discussion are labour relations, collective bargaining, and formulation of rules.

Gate Meetings:

These meetings are held at the gate of the establishment. These meetings are used to convey information to the labourers such as decisions of the union, etc.

Public Meeting:

These meetings may also involve non-members of the union, and are used to rally public support of workers' demands.

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